Lowes is a retail store that provides its customers with the best quality home appliances. The company has been serving its customers for more than 70years. It was first founded in1946 in North Wilkesboro, North California United States by Lucius Smith Lowe.

Myloweslife.com is lowes employee login portal.Additionally, Lowes owns a total of 1,840 branches all across the United States, Mexico, Australia, and Canada. They provide a vast variety of advanced tools and techniques for the renovation and improvement of homes and other structural buildings.

Lowes Company has launched a new technique called my lowes which refers to a set of collections of tools that are typically designed to transform, customize, and simplify home improvement.

You will be able to track purchase history with the online account referring to MyLowes card. You can get yourself organized with folders and lists as well. Also, you can also set up reminders through MyLowes, and finally, you will be able to manage your house easier with your home profile.