Library Genesis which is also called LibGen or Genesis Library, is a search engine for scientific papers and books on various topics. It allows you to access to paid content or books that are not digitized anywhere. In particular, PDF files distributed on Elsevier's ScienceDirect web portal are included. As of June 2018, the Genesis Library database claims to contain over 2.7 million books and over 58 million journal articles. No matter you're a student writing papers, a researcher searching for science reports, or a book worm finding nourishment for your mind, Library Genesis will satisfy you.

You can find almost any book and paper on Library Genesis. And when you find your targets, you can easily download them as PDF, WORD, EPUB, MOBI, DJVU, etc. In this post, we'll explain how it works, how you can get access to this amazing free library, how to use Library Genesis and how to download PDF books from gen.lib.rus for free.

The reason why Library Genesis is so powerful is it collects download links from it's 5 mirror websites. When a download mirror is broken or down, the site will fill up with another. In this way, Library Genesis almost guarantee accessible download links of every e-book you search for.