Employee attitudes are contagious!

In fact, employee attitude research reveals this truth. Research by Ronald Friedman, Ph.D., of University of Rochester, published in "Motivation & Emotion" journal found pairing people in a room with... (a) high-motivated people resulted in high motivation and work results, but (b) low-motivation people resulted in low motivation and lousy work results.

This gives you profitable reason to

+ hire employees who ooze terrific work attitudes

+ "de-employ" employees who exude lousy work attitudes

My pre-employment of krogerexperiencee test research on successful employees reveals specific employee attitudes of superb, highly productive employees. Managers can use my research results to hire good employees whose attitudes are worth catching by their co-workers.


Companies using my "Abilities & Behavior Forecaster(tm) Tests," start by custom-tailoring the tests for each job in the company. Customizing is done by conducting benchmarking study, e.g., (a) testing best employees in each job and then (b) seeing typical or "benchmark" scores gotten by those best employees. Then, the company confidently can focus on hiring job applicants who get same test scores as its best employees.

Interestingly, in pre-employment test benchmarking studies I did at many companies for many jobs, I often find successful employees get high scores on six personality test scales.