The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, emphasize further the Importance of a birth certificate, it gives you the right to a legally registered identity, through the name, nationality and also family ties. Effectively you are an invisible human being, without it, which means you are likely to have problems further down the line, should you wish to apply for a passport, receive healthcare or be adopted, to name a few examples.

Obviously the original has been taken, so how do you go about fake birth certificate getting a replacement? When the recording of births began in 1837, it was the church that maintained the register of births. This was still the case into the 19th century. From 1853 onwards, compulsory registration of births with governmental agencies, became mandatory. If you need a replacement birth certificate, you have to request one from a government agency. They can help you out by giving you a certificate copy or an original representation of the birth record, if and when you need it. These are sufficient to apply for important documents such as passports, which you will need whether you travel or not, it is worldwide accepted form of identity and is often requested by police officers in the street or for some job applications.