LED usage in automotive applications is increasing rapidly because of the obvious advantages of solid state lighting. It is much easier to design/choose a LED driver for commercial applications. However automotive world has higher standards in terms of reliability, temperature ratings, transient immunity and EMI.
ACG Electronics have announced its new AUT Series Automotive LED Driver making it easier to develop a car LED headlight without additional development time and decrease time-to-market for headlamp manufacturers. It can virtually drive any LED string with its capability to output up to 40V, 1500mA from each channel with 12V nominal input.
Programmable features like boost voltage, LED output currents, thermal shutdown/foldback limits, Open-LED or Short-LED behaviour, boost overvoltage limiting makes it the most reliable LED driver in the industry. Even during the 100V load dump transient there is no voltage overshoot on the LED outputs.

Its buck-boost LED driver topology lets it run out of supplies across 8 -- 60V whilst forcing strings around 60V -- 15 LEDs in series.  Start-up is at 5.4V, and it'll run down to 5V with decreased functionality, according Diodes.  With this topology, neither conclusion of the LED series is still seated, but one end is connected to the positive supply rail.Another power pin is supplied for the output stage to be used once the primary supply rail is out 8-24V.Power output is dependent upon the outside mosfet and inductor chosen -- one program from the information sheet is based on driving eight LEDs in 350mA, including.