A faisu pic is a traditional Japanese picture frame that traditionally has four panels and is hanged on the wall. The picture is usually one of a work of art or a photograph and is prepared by transferring an image from the digital side to the paper roll of a conventional picture frame. A faisu pic contains images printed in fine point or flat stock and may contain text, kanji or hiragana characters. The phrase "faisu" literally means "as seen in the picture" but in Japan it is used to mean "printed picture". The image can be viewed in the faisu is only when it is opened in a conventional picture frame.
A number of companies offer fast prints as a service online. They may be ordered directly from the artist or via mail. Companies that sell online also sometimes provide assistance in preparing the art for customization.
Faisu prints are popular among Japanese artists. Many modern Japanese artists have incorporated images from fish into fish prints. The most popular type of fish picture includes animal-like figures (usually angels) or flowers. Some figures are dressed in flowing kimono, and there are some elegant women in beautiful kimono and jimbeis.