The new color of communications is Blue-LiteBlue. USPS TM staff across the country have easy access to this latest technological evolution within USPS communications - the new Postal Service Extranet. The "inside USPS" portal, joined with "life" and "service" tabs at the left side of the liteblue usps gov home page. On the right side are links to various services. These include online application forms, application packages, as well as the USPS "My USPS", the most up-to-date tool for tracking and managing your mailings within the United States Postal Service (USPS).

There are many interactive features available with the my USPS experience. The ability to see your mail in real time allows you to make notes on items, or just simply look for your mail or package, even if you're on the go. You can also use the online address locator to find street addresses for you street address (latitude and longitude). For international mail, the my USPS International Locator will display the country or region where the recipient lives. International users can also track their packages using their country code or postal code.

When you are ready to send a package or make a purchase over the internet, you may connect your computer directly to the LiteBlue modem through the local area network (LAN). This high-speed connection is provided by the USPS web services division. Certain companies have the option of purchasing dedicated fiber optic Internet connections via the USPS Web Services division. These companies pay a fee per month, depending on how much information they wish to send and receive over the internet. Some companies also choose to create an account with USPS web services for affordable monthly plans and package pricing options.

One of the primary reasons why many small businesses are satisfied with the liteblue service is the high level of training provided to employees. All LiteBlue employees receive specialized training in information technology basics, such as network security, protocols, and software applications. They are also trained on how to troubleshoot problems with the USPS equipment that connects them to the network. This ensures that all employees are aware of proper procedures for using the equipment. Additionally, all employees are trained on the best practices for answering questions from customers. This helps maintain customer satisfaction and makes the company seem more professional.