If you are seeking to obtain a green card in the future, it is important to work with an immigration attorney who can advise you on your options. There are certain details that must be addressed during the marriage green card application process. Many times, your immigration attorneys may also be able to help you with obtaining the right documentation and proof of your relationship with your spouse. However, if the relationship between you and your spouse has broken down, then you will have to work with an immigration attorney or the consul to ensure that your marriage remains valid. It is always recommended that you work closely with an immigration attorney in order to ensure that your marriage will remain intact.

In order to apply for a green card to another person, you will need to first be a US citizen or a permanent resident of the United States. You must have obtained a waiver from the USCIS that authorizes the marriage-based green card application. This waiver may come from the US Consulate or from the USCIS itself. After receiving your visa, you and your spouse can then proceed to obtain a copy of your green card certificate.