The hub of your Wi-Fi network is your router. You plug your router into the mains and connect to the internet provided by your internet service provider. Then away you go if you are happy working with the basic network your router offers. Assuming you aren’t satisfied with using an unsecured network operating at a basic level, then you will need to access your router maintenance page. From here, you can change the name and password of the network, set parental controls, set your network distribution preferences, and more. But first, you need to connect and log in to your router.

Before you can log in to your router and make changes, connect your computer device to the network. You can do this over Wi-Fi or with a wired ethernet connection.With a connection established, you should open up your web browser of choice. Some examples include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. With your web browser open, type inyour routers IP address,

Searching for will take you to the login screen of your router’s maintenance page. It is here you need to input the username and password associated with your router. You can find these details on the base of your router or on the manufacturer’s website.After successfully logging in to your router, you can make the changes as mentioned above and more.