If you want to personalize your phone every day through high-quality wallpapers, Backdrops is an indispensable application. The primary interface of the app is intuitive, simple, and easy to use. It supports many themes. Specifically, Backdrops is a free application developed for users of devices running Google’s Android operating system. Click here to download.

With Backdrops, you will have hundreds of high-resolution wallpapers, sorted and categorized by specific themes with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. They divide the app into many categories for users to choose from. The images on Backdrops will be updated by developers and their community of users.

With Backdrops, you can explore hundreds of different original wallpapers designed by the Backdrops development team. They optimize these images for your device screen. Upload your wallpaper, share original or edited photos. Update new wallpapers every day or wallpapers related to the themes you love. You can contact the development team if you want to receive original images.