TIPS Esports or เกมส์Esport Strategies prepared to play This makes you better With these techniques from Esport, athletes give each other esports tips. For example, Pubg will focus on the war of the last survivor. All you need to know is the range shooting technique. Like Distance, various installation techniques, accessories, or gun selection techniques according to the map's condition. Each It will have a gun that can Answer his shooting distance. We have that. There are also out procedures such as the ROV game that is a six out form. If we miss or do not go out, the chance that we will lose is much higher. It is a fundamental technique. You should know first That you will play games, things that you can learn from the basics. Is our advantage, whether it is out of gun knowledge, sneaking corners At other players, I don't know that's the reason That we should learn the basics of the game before that. The video game company Atari is in charge of first creating esports.