We are all familiar with Rory John Gates  biography. He was an American television character that appeared in a number of episodes from the seventies to the eighties. We loved his tough guy persona, and we also liked his winning attitude. In the case of Rory, he was on the show wearing a leather jacket and a fedora hat to further convey this tough-guy persona. This week, we get a new take on one of the greatest characters in modern television - Phoebe Adele Gates.
The first time I saw Rory in the flesh, I thought he looked quite strange. His skin tone was a very pale one, and he looked a bit like an alien from some distant planet. In fact, it was this sort of alien look that got me to really appreciate what made Rory so interesting to begin with - his unique identity as a character with multiple personalities. In this episode, Gates is revealed to have a very distorted view of himself. It reveals that in the future, he will be a different person entirely from the Gates that we know.
Gates has been a mainstay in the House of Cards series. He has been a constant thorn in the side of the queen for many years. In recent episodes, however, he has been revealed to be quite a nice person. He comes across as a more humble figure, which gives him a more humanising presence on the show.