PLDT Home Fibr is one of the fastest consumer broadband Internet plans in the Philippines, with speeds of up to 100 Mbps. If you have a PLDT Home Fibr connection, you might want to enforce security measures to prevent hackers, strangers and neighbors from accessing your network, so we’ve come up with this guide on how to change your PLDT Home Fibr WiFi password to help you with that goal.

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Most broadband Internet plans come with a unique WiFi password that’s usually posted at the back or bottom of the modem. It’s advisable to change your PLDT Home Fibr WiFi password to something else in order to make it easier to remember, and also to deter neighbors and hackers from accessing your network.

If you have PLDT Home Fibr with Google WiFi, then changing the WiFi password is as easy as going to the Google WiFi app and editing the network settings. If not, then you can change the WiFi password through the PLDT admin dashboard.