We bring 20 years of experience and relationships on the high-tech US market to Scandinavia throughout a wide range of industries and vertical space.
Relentlessly Delivering Results.
We help you in 2 main vectors:
1. Tech consulting on the CTO and Product Management level;
2. Software development - selected perfect teams and created the eco-system on the teams.

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We resolve issues on projects and vendor relationships. The immediate reaction when problems encountered on the project.
Software development is hard, 60% of software development projects fail. The symptoms of failure are frequently overlooked at the beginning stages of the failure. Most projects fail even before you’ve got started.
If you’re getting ready to start the project we guarantee you we can decrease the probability of pain on your project if you just have a conversation with us.
1. Software Consulting
Project planning and set up, supervision during the project, audit.
We’ll help to:
– Identify any potential flaws in your SDLC
– Evaluate your project artifacts
– Minimize post-release product issues
– Create a solid software action plan
– Build a roadmap for the future
3. Software Development.